The Story of War

Church and Propaganda in France and Sweden 1610–1710

Anna Maria Forssberg

The endless wars of the seventeenth century took their toll in the lives of millions of soldiers and crushing taxes. To legitimize war, Europe’s rulers turned to the Church: ‘O God, we praise you’, Te Deum Laudamus, was sung in the churches of France and Sweden to celebrate victory in battle. It was a way of thanking God, but also an opportunity for congregations to learn what had happened – and an occasion for festivities.

In The Story of War, the historian Anna Maria Forssberg applies a narrative and ritual perspective to the Te Deum, looking at specific wars such as the Thirty Years War and at themes such as peace and enmity. This is a unique, comparative study of war propaganda in early modern times, and how it defined the roles of ruler and ruled alike. There were national differences, but ultimately all war stories were highly selective. Bloody defeat and uneventful everyday life were glossed over; what mattered were spectacular victories and royal glory. Yet in the end, the war stories peddled in both Sweden and France were profoundly challenged by the crisis of 1709.

TitelThe Story of War: Church and Propaganda in France and Sweden 1610–1710
FörfattareAnna Maria Forssberg
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Anna Maria Forssberg

Anna Maria Forssberg

Anna Maria Forssberg (f. 1976) är historiker och verksam på Armémuseum i Stockholm. Hon är specialiserad på tidigmodern militärhistoria, och särskilt krigspropaganda. Hon har även lett projektet ”Lumpen – identitet och materiella minnen” som resulterade i antologin ”Lumpen – från mönstring till muck” (redaktör med Klas Kronberg). Hon har också intresserat sig för föremålsforskning och  Läs mer »

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